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95.3 The Leaven

Angel and Roxie at 95.3 kuic talking about becoming a 1k @ $1k member for The Leaven. We love knowing our business is able to help the lives of children in our community thrive and succeed in school. We encourage other local businesses to join us and become a 1K @ $1k member! Contact Mark […]

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Tree Roots

Tree roots work their way into your sewer at the pipe joints. They gradually grow thicker until they choke off all drainage. That’s where we come in! We’ll shave away all roots and restore full drainage.

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The Leaven Donation

At the Travis Credit Union mixer for Vacaville Chamber of Commerce. We gave our $1,000 donation to Mark Hagan with The Leaven. We strongly believe in The Leaven‘s mission, “with the support of the entire community we bring hope and proven success through early education intervention — and inspire neighborhoods to rise up and take […]

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