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95.3 The Leaven

Angel and Roxie at 95.3 kuic talking about becoming a 1k @ $1k member for The Leaven. We love knowing our business is able to help the lives of children in our community thrive and succeed in school. We encourage other local businesses to join us and become a 1K @ $1k member! Contact Mark […]

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Local Restaurant Had Sewer Smell

We had a call from a local restaurant yesterday. They had another plumbing company come out twice to figure out why they had sewer smells in the restaurant. After paying a lot of money to them, they still couldn’t figure it out. We went and realized the pipe releasing the smells was directly next to […]

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January 2016 Newsletter

 Our Dearest Customers, It’s the new year and after all the Christmas shopping, we all need to save up some money again. We’d like to help you save money by giving you some tips for your plumbing. Don’t say we never gave ya nothin’. Learn where your home’s main water shut off valve is—so if there’s ever a leak, […]

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